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Davey Locksmith Van

Get Peace of Mind with Davey Locksmith’s Security Services

Quality Security Products Installed

Davey Locksmith is capable of installing all of the quality security products from CX5 Security Solutions, including the following, for all your security needs in the Fraser Valley area:

  • Key-in-knob cylinders
  • Mortise cylinders
  • Interchangeable core cylinders
  • Heavy-duty, high-security deadbolts
  • Integrated products – single & double cylinders
  • Kits & accessories

Many Benefits of Our Security Solutions

Our innovative security solutions offer you many advantages, including:

Managed key control

Key blanks are tracked geographically to ensure specific ones are not widely available in your specific location. Additionally, you must have an authorization card and signature verification to receive a duplicate key.

Multiple locking points

The cylinders we install are virtually bump-proof and pick-resistant due to their secondary locking control mechanisms.

Added internal protection

Featuring hardened steel pins, the cylinders we use feature added internal protection for your peace of mind. This added protection deters the likelihood that the top or sidebar pins will be compromised by drilling or other physical attacks.

Have questions about our security installations? We encourage you to contact us for more details!

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